Office: 415-459-5931

Office: 415-459-5931

Body Celebration – Holistic Skincare & Wellness

Specializing in natural, “up” lifting anti-aging treatments in San Rafael, Marin County

At Body Celebration – Holistic Skincare & Wellness in San Rafael, Marin County, we see people’s lives change on a regular basis.

Why? Our clients see and feel results.

skingamesresultsCatch up on The Skin Games*, an international competition for estheticians to show off their expertise. You can follow along as Monique, a 51-year-old single mom, undergoes an eight-week series of treatments to reveal her natural beauty. Watch on Youtube

Our focus is to provide holistic elements for a more positive, energetic life, beginning with self-image. When you care for yourself, your skin and your body, you develop an inner and outer glow. Not only do consistent treatments create visible changes, but feeling better sends a positive message to everyone that you encounter. It is never too late to make positive changes that will affect your confidence and well-being.
We offer expert therapeutic massage as well as a wide variety of the latest, most innovative natural skin care treatments such as LED phototherapy.

Our skin care products and exclusive formulations contain high concentrations of clinically-proven active ingredients. The lines we provide reveal dramatic improvements in skin texture and appearance. Coupled with state-of-the-art skin care techniques, you will realize dramatic changes. Our microcurrent treatments are an amazing alternative to surgical procedures and produce results with the very first visit.

We find that eating habits, water consumption and factors in life style can affect the skin and contribute to stress to the body. In addition to our more traditional services, we also offer nutritional guidance.

Whether you are male or female, have sensitive or maturing skin, acne or sun damage, have sore, tired muscles or would like to look deeper into patterns in your life, we will recommend solutions that fit into your schedule and daily routine.

We measure our success by your results and feedback. At Body Celebration – Holistic Skincare & Wellness, we consistently strive to improve our techniques with cutting edge education, treatments and products.


The Skin Games: Before and after photos

The Skin Games model Monique: before, during, and after treatment

From top:
1. Before
2. After 2 weeks of Microcurrent, LED, and home care
3. Previous treatments plus 1 professional Peel treatment
4. After, including 3 total Peels

The Skin Games model Monique: before, during, and after treatment

Treatment steps described to right:
1. top left
2. top right
3. bottom right
4. bottom left


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