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Introducing the New Whole Body Wellness LED Lounge,
ONLY at Body Celebration!

LightStim Led Bed Light therapy healing treatment

Experience the incredible healing effects of light therapy for total body wellness with the LightStim LED Bed at Body Celebration!

Lightstim Led Bed in Marin | Body Celebration

Image courtesy of LightStim

Visit the LED Lounge at Body Celebration for Advanced Whole Body Wellness & Holistic Healing

In just 1 session on the clinically tested and first-ever FDA approved LightStim LED bed, you will feel simultaneously relaxed and energized. Your body’s cells will absorb light energy to promote healing from within as you relax on a warm bed of light and emerge from the LED Lounge a healthier, happier you! By increasing your bodys ability to repair and restore itself naturally, you will feel relief from aches and pains throughout your body!

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