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Highlight your Eyes this Spring

This season, beautiful skin is inspired by nature and romance. The soft, romantic looks that have been spotted all over the runways, feature a wonderful array of pastels and bold tones that highlight your eyes through subtle definition. Perfect for spring and summer, this look is fast and easy to create. Just follow the directions

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3 Ways to Incorporate Aromatherapy Into Your Day

The power of aromatherapy often goes overlooked, but there is a reason that it is used. It has the ability to improve a person’s mood and induce a sense of relaxation. Clinical research has shown that essential oils can quickly raise the frequency of the human body, restoring it to its normal healthy level. This

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Wellness Treatments are an Investment in Better Health

Your budget is tight, and you’re cutting back. You’re eating fewer dinners out, skipping the morning latte on your way to work, or maybe settling for a “staycation” rather than going away. But wellness treatments such as facials, massages and yoga can actually be wise investments in your health and well being. Spending a few

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Massage for Total Well-Being

As massage therapists, we see clients every day who suffer from chronic pain, who are recovering from sports injuries or who are stressed out. We love being able to use our skills, training and our hands to relieve your pain and discomfort, or to help you feel more relaxed. Depending on your needs and our

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Makeup Tips to Hide Breakouts

Breakouts seem to arrive at the worst time; so arm yourself with a few makeup tips to keep those ugly blemishes hidden. Check out this list of tips to conceal blemishes. Hit the freezer Grab some ice, put it in a baggie and hold it on your breakout for a few minutes, (especially those painful

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Pre-Natal Massage Paves the Way to a Healthy Pregnancy

Few times in a woman’s life are more exciting but also anxiety invoking than the nine months preceding the birth of her baby. The mental and emotional stress of preparing for that precious new arrival coupled with the physical toll that pregnancy might take on the body can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, there is an effective

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Reiki: Energetic Path to Healing

Have you heard of Reiki? This ancient healing process harnesses life energy to improve a person’s overall well being. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about this ancient healing technique: The process isn’t draining on the practitioner. During a Reiki session, our practitioner channels collective energy through touch. There are 12 different

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The Best Way to Start Your Day

Don’t underestimate how your morning routine affects the rest of your day. From a screeching alarm to feeding your kids in the morning, it all sets the tone for your day. If you make a few tweaks to your morning routine, you’ll start your day feeling as fabulous as you do after a massage or

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Massage and Melodies

Music has a way of influencing your mood. Think about it. When you’re stressed you put on some uplifting tunes. When you’re feeling a little down, slower more melodic tunes are in order. During a massage, it’s no different. The music you hear was selected for a purpose — to relax you. Music genres Of

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