Nitric Oxide & Anti-Aging

What is Nitric Oxide?

When it comes to health and wellness, Nitric Oxide is the most important stimulus in your body! Its main job is to increase circulation, which has a major impact on your body?s ability to function properly. Countering the effects of aging is possible thanks to groundbreaking studies which have helped us understand the molecule Nitric Oxide (NO).

Nitric Oxide and anti-aging

Nitric Oxide and Anti-Aging

This naturally occurring compound is produced when the body is in a healthy state, such as after exercise or when you have low cholesterol. Nitric Oxide allows cells to heal, expands your blood vessels, increases blood flow, and decreases blood clotting.

As your body ages, the production of NO decreases, leaving cells defenseless against disease. However, new technologies like the LightStim? LED Bed can actually replicate the body?s natural stimulation process, boosting Nitric Oxide levels, and defending your cells against disease. LED light therapy is a natural, holistic way to increase Nitric Oxide levels.

By the time we reach the ages of 50-60, our bodies only produce 25% of what they used to! This NO deficiency has been proven to be the leading cause of aging. Without enough NO in the body, muscles deteriorate, the brain becomes slower, and blood flow slows, making you feel weaker.


Nitric Oxide is Responsible For:

  • Healing. Bringing blood flow to areas that need healing, NO is instrumental in keeping your skin vibrant and healthy. Areas of the body that benefit from Nitric Oxide production include your muscles, arteries, bones, skin, and even your brain.
  • Stronger Immune System. An increase of NO in the blood will fight bacteria, strengthen white blood cells, and even resist tumors. Scientists have studied its ability to reduce the risk for certain cancers!
  • Regulating Blood Pressure. By stimulating a healthy and consistent blood flow, arteries become dilated and regain flexibility, reversing the hardening of the arteries that happens with age.
  • Improving Memory. More NO in the blood means more blood to the brain. Increasing blood flow not only improves cognitive thoughts but has been shown to prevent Alzheimer?s.
  • Improvement of Erectile Dysfunction. As men age their bodies change and don’t always respond the way they used to. By the time a man might need Viagra, his production of NO or the total available quantity of it can be extremely depleted. Research has found that low-level light therapy increases the output of NO and increases blood flow, which can considerably improve erectile function.


Nitric Oxide and Athletes

Professional athletes use Nitric Oxide supplements to help increase the flow of oxygen while exercising or weight lifting. However, the circulation effects of these supplements are not long term solutions, usually only increasing circulation for a few hours. In order to fully benefit from Nitric Oxide, it must be released from the cells themselves. Body Celebration ? Holistic Skincare & Wellness offers a way to naturally increase Nitric Oxide levels without the need for pills or supplements.


LED Light Bed Therapy

The LightStim? LED Bed is the first LED light therapy technology to gain over-the-counter clearance by the FDA. Among other incredible wellness benefits, using the bed as a non-invasive and holistic method of cellular regeneration naturally boosts NO levels. LED light therapy (a NASA-researched technology) stimulates and engages the body’s cells and leads to a more sustainable method of producing Nitric Oxide.

LightStim LED Bed


The Lightstim? LED Bed is a revolutionary technology with patented MultiWave? Technology that emits four different wavelengths of light. This method allows light energy to penetrate deeper into the skin, stimulating a natural cellular release of NO. And unlike other methods of Nitric Oxide healing, the NO produced using the Lightstim LED bed lasts for days at a time, rather than a few hours at a time.

Light Therapy MultiWave Technology LightStim?

The miracle molecule (NO) could be the key to protecting you from disease and helping you feel young again.

Schedule your first session at the Whole Body Wellness LED Lounge, only at Body Celebration.





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2017 Skin Games Winner for Outstanding Holistic Esthetician | Body Celebration

Winner, Outstanding Holistic Esthetician, The Skin Games 2017

Photo: Michael J. Padillo

After eight weeks of working with model Monique and documenting every step of the way, Corinna was recognized at the 2017 Skin Games for her outstanding work. The Body Celebration approach includes care and nurturing for your skin and your wellness from the inside out. See Monique’s eight-week journey and come in to begin your own!

Our focus is to provide holistic elements for a more positive, energetic life, beginning with self-image. When you care for yourself, your skin and your body, you develop an inner and outer glow. Not only do consistent treatments create visible changes, but feeling better sends a positive message to everyone that you encounter. It is never too late to make positive changes that will affect your confidence and well-being.
We offer a wide variety of the latest, most innovative natural skin care treatments such as LED phototherapy.

Our skin care products and exclusive formulations contain high concentrations of clinically-proven active ingredients. The lines we provide reveal dramatic improvements in skin texture and appearance. Coupled with state-of-the-art skin care techniques, you will realize dramatic changes. Our microcurrent treatments are an amazing alternative to surgical procedures and produce results with the very first visit.

We find that eating habits, water consumption and factors in life style can affect the skin and contribute to stress to the body. In addition to our more traditional services, we also offer nutritional guidance.

Whether you are male or female, have sensitive or maturing skin, acne or sun damage, have sore, tired muscles or would like to look deeper into patterns in your life, we will recommend solutions that fit into your schedule and daily routine.

We measure our success by your results and feedback. At Body Celebration ? Holistic Skincare & Wellness, we consistently strive to improve our techniques with cutting edge education, treatments and products.


The Skin Games: Before and after photos

The Skin Games model Monique: before, during, and after treatment

From top:
1. Before
2. After 2 weeks of Microcurrent, LED, and home care
3. Previous treatments plus 1 professional Peel treatment
4. After, including 3 total Peels

The Skin Games model Monique: before, during, and after treatment

Treatment steps described to right:
1. top left
2. top right
3. bottom right
4. bottom left


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Skin Games Update: I Won!

Photo: Michael J. Padillo

I am so thrilled to share this exciting news with you! You might not have watched all the videos we shared of Monique?s eight-week skincare journey for the international The Skin Games 2017 competition. No worries, here?s the upshot: I won for Outstanding Holistic Esthetician! (You can still watch the journey here).

It was such an honor to gather among the best in the skincare industry and be recognized for best holistic skincare in the nation and beyond, which is the passion and focus of Body Celebration.

You are a whole person with a lot of things going on in your life from what you say to yourself about your skin, to what you eat and drink, how you sleep, and how you care for yourself.

Our joy is to work with clients like you and support your journey to wellness and inner and outer beauty. Yes, we?re happy to see you for a facial here and there, but imagine the results we can achieve when working together over time.

That?s why, as a celebration of this special award, we created a package for you to have your own skincare journey, just like Monique.

Schedule your FREE skin care consultation during the month of May and we will come up with the right package just for you. You will also receive 10% off any package (which is already priced at a special rate) designed just for you and your special needs!

Let the rejuvenation begin and lets turn back the clock! Sign up today and celebrate Great Skin in Marin!


Things to come and go!

Massage Services Ending in June

To further fuel our passion for natural, uplifting skincare, we will be ending massage service at Body Celebration in June. This will allow us to focus solely on researching, developing, and creating the ultimate holistic skincare experience, in Marin and beyond. If you have a gift card or pre-purchase for massage, please call us ASAP to book your appointment.

Welcome Liz Crocker!

Our new Esthetician is just as passionate about holistic skincare as I am and is excited to join Body Celebration.

Liz is originally from Santa Cruz where she had her own skin care studio for several years. She relocated to Marin a year ago and has been looking for the perfect fit.

Liz will start offering her services starting in May. She will be our new waxing specialist and take over all of your hair removal needs!

As Liz gets more familiar with our fabulous products and procedures, she will be offering more services over the next few months AND will also bring in some of her own specialties to enhance our offerings! (Exciting new services to come! Watch for our announcements over the next months.)

Waxing special with Liz:Profile of a perfect woman legs sitting on a couch at home hair removal concept

Single waxing services 15% off
Combine 2 or more waxing services and get 25% off!

Smooth skin for the summer is yours to celebrate!
Call today or book online.

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