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Skin Games Week 1: Meet Monique

The Skin Games, Week 1: Meet Monique Monique is a 51-year-old single mom who is my model for The Skin Games, a competition to showcase the skill of estheticians worldwide. And her routine includes an affirmation. The goal at Body Celebration is to develop your beauty naturally, from the inside out – and that includes … Read more

Fall in Love Facial, Product Sale, and a Special Skincare Journey

Fall in Love Facial If you’re a fan of pumpkins or even just pumpkin spice, the Fall in Love Facial is a yummy-smelling, nourishing treat. Cozy up in the heated blankets and relax as powerful pumpkin enzymes exfoliate and reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. You can also purchase the Nourishing Rich Moisture Mask used in the … Read more

Repair Your Summer Skin Damage with a 3-Peel Special

Did Summer do a number on your skin? If you had a little too much fun in the sun these past few weeks, your skin might need some TLC. Sunburn, salt water, and chlorine can all do damage. As we transition into fall, now is the perfect time to repair and rejuvenate. Peel Series Special … Read more

Summer?s End Super Specials

At Body Celebration, we offer more than a treatment and an air-kiss goodbye. We care about how your skin is improving over time and what it needs, season in and season out. We ask about your body and your life so our massages are a tool in your wellness kit. Big changes happen in our … Read more

Super-Weird Facials We Promise Not to Give You

Our New Booking System First off, if you’ve booked online at Body Celebration lately you may have noticed our new booking system. We’re always listening to our clients and trying to improve your experience, so we have a new system in place – bear with us during the transition, and if you need any assistance … Read more

Renew Your Skin Specials

Start Out the Year With Fresh, Glowing Skin Renew yourself with one of our three winter specials…or save big with all three! 75-Minute Signature Age-Defying Rejuvenation Facial A skin rejuvenating, stress reducing facial packed with high performance serums and masks, toning massage and ingredients such as skin smoothing Glycolic, enzymes to relieve cellular build up, … Read more

Burned by a derm?

Burned by a Derm: Why Estheticians are the Smart Source for Products The Dreaded Brush-Off Many people with acne or aesthetic skin concerns such as Rosacea, sun damage, or even scarring have gotten the brush-off from dismissive dermatologists who shuffle them off in a hurry. Or worse, they dash off a prescription for topicals that … Read more

Flash sale! December 11, One Day Only

Mark your calendars for Friday to get in on some special deals. 10% off all gift certificates Perfect for year-end thank yous and I love yous….Or get one for you to give your future self some TLC! 15% Off skincare products Time to stock up or add a new product to your beauty regime. Not … Read more

Dry winter skin? Step away from the moisturizer jar.

If you’ve been going for a double scoop of moisturizer lately, here’s a tip: to combat the winter flakes (and I don’t mean snow), it’s not about slathering on more and more of whatever’s in a jar on your counter right now. It’s about getting smart about the exact ingredient your skin needs the most. … Read more

The Magic of Skin Exfoliation

Why is exfoliation important and what is the best way of doing it? Our skin cells renew every 28 to 45 days ? this process slows down as we get older. In the live tissue of our skin, also called the dermis, live the ?parent? cells ? they produce ?daughter? cells. The ?daughter? cells travel … Read more