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The Ultimate Guide to the Whole Body Wellness LED Lounge: What to Expect & FAQs

What should you expect when stepping into the Whole Body Wellness LED Lounge for the first time? What are the healing benefits of the Lightstim® LED Bed? Explore our frequently asked questions to learn what the LED Lounge is really like before you book your session!

What to Expect

The minute you step into the LED Lounge at Body Celebration, you feel pampered…

Grab a glass of filtered water and settle into your LED Lounge treatment room where you will find every possible amenity, ensuring your LED session is the highlight of your day.


Preparing for your LED BED experience is an indulgence on its own. Your body and mind begin to relax as you cleanse your skin with the professional, gentle face cleansing pads we provide, followed with one of our ultra-soft hot towels to further cleanse your face and wipe down your body.

Once your face and body are clean, you can apply the antioxidant-rich Lightstim® face and body serums. These work in conjunction with the LED Bed to give your skin maximum healing and rejuvenating benefits.

Next to the bed, you will find a table with ear buds and goggles to block out sound and light to your preference. You may also enjoy a cool breeze from the fan if you desire. 

While we have soft, relaxing music playing during your session, we do provide ear buds if you prefer to bring your own music, listen to a book, a podcast, or a guided meditation.

Using the Lightstim® LED Bed

To receive the optimal healing benefits, we suggest laying directly on the bed without any supportive bolsters or towels. This ensures your body has full and direct contact with the lights which emit healing multiwave LED light energy. However, you may use the supportive props we provide to comfortably support your hips, head, legs, or arms throughout your session.

Post-Session Treatment

After your 40-minutes of illuminated meditation, relaxation, and healing, seal in the LED benefits with products from our self-serve skincare bar, including sunscreen and moisturizer.

Scheduling a 40-minute LED Lounge session prior to a facial or massage service has many benefits. By getting into this relaxed state, your muscles and mind are more relaxed which can greatly enhance your facial or massage experience. To add an LED Lounge session on to your facial or massage service is only $60 (full price is $150/session) and can be booked by calling Body Celebration prior to your appointment.

You will emerge from the LED Lounge relaxed, yet recharged, and ready to take on the day or enjoy a deeply relaxing sleep at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we age, our bodies produce cellular fuel at a slower rate. This hinders our bodies from repairing and regenerating new cells, causing some of the aches and pains we learn to live with as we get older.

The LED bed uses LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology to simultaneously emit multiple wavelengths of light energy. Just like plants, our bodies absorb the healing light energy. This stimulates the body’s natural cellular regeneration process, effectively reducing inflammation so your body can naturally relieve pain, speed healing, and promote total body wellness.

When you treat your body at the cellular level, you’re able to refuel depleted energy and give your body a much needed boost!

Imagine how you feel when you are lying on the beach on a perfect day with a gentle cool breeze blowing… From the moment you settle into our bed of lights, you will feel enveloped by comforting warmth, not heat like a tanning bed.

Instead of being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun associated with a day at the beach though, the Lightstim® LED bed actually helps to reverse sun damage while healing the body from the inside out.

Everyone’s experience on the LightStim® LED Bed is unique. It can feel like a mental and/or emotional “melting”, as well as a deeply physically relaxing experience.

The experience can also change over time as you use the LightStim® LED bed on a regular basis.

With regular use, you will ease into the session more swiftly and might notice that your joints and muscles become more flexible, allowing you to become more and more comfortable on the LightStim® LED bed.

During your session, you will lay on the lightly curved, warm acrylic surface of the bed. You may cover your body with a large towel if desired, but should this be is too warm for your comfort level, you may lay on the bed uncovered. You may also use our provided bolsters to be more comfortable if needed.

For the first 20 minutes, you will be lying on your back, with an anti-aging LED panel hovering over your face. You position the face panel to your comfort level, put on your goggles, and relax.

After the first 20 minutes the lights will automatically turn off, indicating that it is time to turn over. After 30 seconds, in which you flip over face-down and lay your face into a plush comfortable face cradle, the lights will automatically turn back on.

This will feel very similar to being on a massage table, with the lights softly penetrating the front of your body and filling you with gentle warmth.

Most clients report experiencing a nourishing power nap during their session, only to be awoken by the lights turning off, indicating the session is over.

You will be the only person in the room during your LED Lounge session to ensure your utmost privacy, safety, and comfort during your session.

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