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The Best Way to Start Your Day

Don’t underestimate how your morning routine affects the rest of your day. From a screeching alarm to feeding your kids in the morning, it all sets the tone for your day. If you make a few tweaks to your morning routine, you’ll start your day feeling as fabulous as you do after a massage or facial.

Here are a few tricks to start your morning off right:

Find a soothing alarm

Yes, your alarm does have to wake you, but it doesn?t have to startle you awake. Ditch the high-pitched beeping alarm and find something that’s more soothing. My personal favorite is the Zen Alarm Clock – I had it for years, it looks great and wakes me up with chiming bells. Zen Alarm Clocks come in many different styles and alarm options. Or consider waking up to songs on a soothing playlist on your iPod or an easy listening radio station (but beware of comercials here!)

Give yourself plenty of time

Hitting the snooze will give you another 10 minutes of sleep, but if that means you’ll be rushing around, it’s not beneficial. You don’t want to rush through your morning. Set your alarm early so you have plenty of time to get everyone ready and out the door and get yourself ready for work.

Have breakfast

Make a point to sit down and eat breakfast. A piece of fruit while curling your hair doesn?t count. You’ll need some fuel to get through your day. Also take a few deep breath before you take your first bite.

Plan ahead

Get your clothes out the night before. The same goes for the kids’ clothes. If there’s any thing you can do to make your morning easier, do it – like packing lunches the night before.

You’ll be more apt to take on the stresses of the day if you’ve had a calm morning. Plus, you’ll feel less frantic as you head into work.

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Corinna Kavanagh

Owner, Lic. Esthetician, Cert. Massage Therapist

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