At Body Celebration – Holistic Skincare & Wellness we offer expert waxing for men and women. We use the highest quality wax, infused with soothing botanicals, so it?s gentle on your skin as well as super-effective. We use a combination of a smooth soft wax and a pliable hard wax to ensure your utmost comfort.

Women’s Waxing Services

Men’s Waxing Services


Upper Body

Bikini $40 and up Back $55 and up
Brazilian $60 and up Chest $60 and up



Under Arm $20 – $22 Half Arm $35
Half Arm $18 – $22 Full Arm $70
Full Arm $50



Half Leg $40 Half Leg $45
Full Leg $80 Full Leg $90

Men and Women’s Waxing Services


Brow shaping / Maintenance $20-$25

Facial Area

Lip $15
Chin $18
Nostrils $12
Ears $12
Full face $50

A Friendly Waxing Reminder

  • Do not wax if you are using Retin A or taking Accutane.
  • Do not wax after full sun exposure or tanning bed.
  • You may be extra sensitive during menstruation.
  • Do not wax if you had a professional peel in the last two days.
  • To avoid hyper-pigmentation, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure after waxing for at least two days. Always wear an SPF of 15 or higher.

Some Waxing Facts

  • You can go much longer between waxes in comparison to shaving.
  • When the hair grows back it is less itchy and the hair does not feel as “stubbly” after waxing, compared to shaving.
  • When shaving, the hair is cut off at its strongest point – like the trunk of a tree – that’s why the after growth is immediate and stubbly to the touch.
  • When waxing, the hair is pulled out by the root and grows back in with a soft tip – just like a newly growing blade of grass – you do not have an immediate after growth and the in-growing hair is softer to the touch.
  • Hair grows in 3 different cycles: the hair that is out, the hair that is about to come out and the hair that is forming in the follicle – regular waxing will eventually get all the hair on the same growing cycle – which means you can go longer periods between waxes.