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4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Skin

Spring is springing…the air is getting warmer, flowers are blooming and It’s a great time to clean out our drawers, clear out our homes, de-clutter, reorganize… and the same goes for our skin.

Our skin has been under more artificial light than it sees at the other times of the year, and we have been stuck inside with heaters running or in the cold dry air outside. It is time for some Skin spring cleaning and clearing. Take a look at these four tips for spring cleaning your skin.

Tip 1: Toss out products that are out of date/expired. So many times I see products in medicine cabinets or in drawers that simply do not get used. Now it’s time to dump out the drawers, clean off the shelves of products that are not getting used and taking up space. Much like your food, a quality skin care product will eventually expire, which can render them useless (or worse, a burden) to your skin. If it’s more than a year old – toss it!

Tip 2: Release what you don’t use. As an esthetician and skin care business owner, it has become natural in my life to “try” out the latest and greatest products on the market. This means I have had to become accustomed to focusing on which products to keep, and which products to toss. If I will most likely not have a need for that product, away it goes. Take a look into your beauty bag (or drawer) and really consider if you are using that product. If the answer is “no but what if…” it is time to say goodbye.

Tip 3: Now that it’s spring what is the best for my skin? It’s important to honor the changing of the seasons and as an esthetician I can’t think of anything better than to change up my skin care routine. I tend to reach for heavier, more moisturizing products in the Fall/Winter months, and more lightweight, hydrating options during Spring/Summer. If you aren’t going to use those products after the weather changes, especially if you know the product will be expired by the time you’d like to use it again, resolve to throw it away once you are no longer using it. I do give a pass for keeping a few products on hand, just in case the weather shifts into cool mode, or if you find yourself needing the extra moisture despite the weather. Hold onto a richer cleanser, a  serum and/or one moisturizer.

Tip 4: Reach For Lighter Products. If you are one of those people who endures dry skin no matter the season, disregard this. For my Normal/Combo/Oily skin types, this one will likely apply to you. With warmer weather typically comes higher humidity levels, meaning your skin will require a lighter moisturizer. That is not to say you should stop moisturizing altogether. In fact, neglecting to moisturize your skin can result in excess oil production, so be sure to find a lightweight moisturizer that keeps your skin happy and balanced. If you want something that will hydrate your skin amazingly well, while remaining perfectly lightweight, look no further than our Body Celebration Hydrating Anti-oxidant Cream.

We look forward to seeing you in our studio to support you in your skin and body health. Be sure to take advantage of this months’ offer of [Brighten Up Facial Service] and we’ll see you soon.

Have a great rest of May and remember to celebrate your body everyday!

P.S. Look out for our June newsletter that will contain tips for preparing your skin for summer!

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Corinna Kavanagh

Owner, Lic. Esthetician, Cert. Massage Therapist

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