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The Only LightStim® LED Bed in Marin County!

Lightstim LED Bed | Light therapy Marin at Body Celebration

LightStim® LED Bed. Image courtesy of LightStim®

The latest technological advancement in total body wellness and holistic healing is now available only at Body Celebration - Holistic Skincare & Wellness in Marin!

LED light therapy has been used as a popular and effective skin care treatment for years because of its ability to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and repair cellular damage. Taking the same restorative effects and applying them to the entire body is a truly revolutionary method of healing from the inside out, rather than treating symptoms from the outside in. We are enthusiastic about offering this soothing and non-invasive holistic healing service, now available at Body Celebration!

How LED Light Therapy Works

LED light therapy works by converting electrical energy (emitted through the led bulbs) to light energy (also called photons). Our bodies use light energy as fuel for cellular regeneration and repair. As we age, our bodies produce this cellular fuel at a slower rate, which decreases our body's ability to repair itself or regenerate new skin cells. Concentrated exposure to multiple red light wavelengths enables the body to absorb beneficial light energy and stimulates the body's natural cellular regeneration process, effectively reducing signs of aging in a natural way.

Using The LED Bed for Whole Body Wellness & Holistic Healing

Just like exercise, the incredible healing and detoxifying benefits of the LED Bed take time to manifest physically. With continued use of the LED bed, the clinically tested and first-ever FDA approved LightStim® LED bed, not only promotes relaxation at the time of treatment but also works to heal from within. Your body's cells receive direct exposure to waves of light energy and absorb it to promote cellular regeneration, all while you relax on a warm bed of light and emerge from the LED Lounge a healthier, happier you! By improving your body's ability to repair and restore itself, you will begin to feel immense relief from aches, pains, and blockages for true anti-aging relief.

Lightstim Led Bed in Marin | Body Celebration

LightStim® LED Bed and Face Panel. Image courtesy of LightStim®

LED Light Therapy Benefits

Heavily researched by NASA, this type of direct exposure to the LED MultiWave® technology has been proven to:

  • Relieve muscle aches and joint pain
  • Soothe arthritis flare-ups
  • Reduce recovery time from sports injury
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase circulation
  • Repair cellular damage
  • Boost production of Nitric Oxide
  • Increase exposure to oxygen
  • Increase the cells' production of ATP

About The LightStim® LED Bed

  • First ever over-the-counter FDA cleared LED Bed for use in pain relief
  • Made of 18,240 LED lights to rejuvenate every cell in the body
  • Full size bed gives a comfortable healing experience for men and women of all sizes (86" long by 40" wide)
  • The brand recommended by physicians and healthcare professionals for 17 years
  • Uses Patented MultiWave® Technology to enhance effectiveness
  • Advanced temperature control to keep temperature and energy distribution consistent
  • Highly customized and high intensity LED lights
  • Other LED Beds are repurposed tanning beds, making them less intentional in design and less effective in producing therapeutic results

What Is LED MultiWave® Technology?

Lightstim® has truly invented the most miraculous LED bed on the market. Featuring 18,240 LEDs, there is no part of your skin that will be left out. Breaking new ground, the Lightstim® LED bed boasts the latest top of the line feature, MultiWave® Technology, emitting multiple light wavelengths from every bulb.

LightStim? Led Bed Light Therapy MultiWave Technology LightStim?

LED MultiWave® Technology creates healing waves of:

  • Infrared light
  • Deep infrared light
  • Light red
  • Deep red

The spectrum of light energy emitted through the LED Bed will penetrate deep into the skin, repairing cells, and leaving you feeling younger inside and out.


In each 40-minute LED Lounge Session, you will undress to your comfort level and lay on your back on the warm, lightly covered LED Bed for 20 minutes. While you relax on your back, soaking in the healing light energy, you will also receive a 20-minute LED light therapy facial using our popular LED face panel. You will then lay face down on the LED Bed for the remaining 20 minutes to allow even exposure to every cell in your body.



1 LED Lounge Session (40 minutes) | Regular Price: $150 $95!

3 Session Series | $90/Session

6 Session Series | $85/Session

12 Session Series | $80/Session


Healthy Me Membership | $499/mo + 20% off any Facial or Massage each month!

Come in up to 16 times a month to experience the healing benefits of the Whole Body Wellness LED Lounge. Receive priority access to the LED Lounge, plus get 20% off any Body Celebration Facial Service or Massage every month!

Vitality Membership | $399/mo + 10% off any Facial or Massage each month!

Enjoy priority use of the LED Lounge up to 12 times per month. Other membership benefits include a 10% discount on any Body Celebration Massage or Facial each month!

Pick Me Up Membership | $299/mo

Visit the LED Lounge up to 8 times a month, and receive priority booking on appointment times. Enjoy lifelong wellness with repeated use of the LightStim® LED Bed.

1-Month Trial Membership | $249/mo

Still not sure if the LED Bed is right for you? Get priority access to the Whole Body Wellness LED Lounge for 1 month! (Maximum of 16 sessions)

Call To Start Your Membership Today!

Book your first session in the LED Lounge today to start experiencing total body wellness and pain relief. In health and wellness, consistency and repetition are the keys to seeing the best results. From fitness and massage to skin care and self-care, regular treatments increase effectiveness and allow you to see lasting results. Because of this, we encourage clients to book a series of sessions, starting at just $80/session when you book 12!

Call today to find out more about the Whole Body Wellness LED Lounge, only at Body Celebration in Marin!