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3 Ways to Incorporate Aromatherapy Into Your Day

The power of aromatherapy often goes overlooked, but there is a reason that it is used. It has the ability to improve a person’s mood and induce a sense of relaxation. Clinical research has shown that essential oils can quickly raise the frequency of the human body, restoring it to its normal healthy level. This is exactly why it’s used in conjunction with treatments. If you’d like to incorporate a little aromatherapy into your day, here are a few tips:

Not all essential oils are equal

The purity of an essential oil is well – essential! Always look for a PURE (Grade A) essential oil. Anything less pure may not produce the desired resuts and can, in some cases, be toxic. The Body Celebration Essential Oil Blend is a synergy of lavender, lemon, rosemary, thyme, and geranium essential oils*(see the benefits of each oil below). The aroma aids the body to achieving an over-all feeling of peace and encourages feelings of security.

Sleep sprays

Get yourself a high quality Lavender Aromatherapy oil or our Body Celebration Essential Oil Blend and mix it in a blue glass spray bottel (available at Whole Foods Markets) with some distilled water and spray it on your pillow at night for a relaxing, soothing aroma that will help you to drift into a good night sleep.


A warm bath is always relaxing, but to enhance your therapeutic experience use an essential oil like Eucaliptus or add the Body Celebration Essential Oil Blend – add three to six drops to the bath water as the tub is filling. Adding the oils to a bath or shower gel base first allows you to obtain an even greater benefit, as they are more evenly dispersed throughout the water. To make your bath time even more of a therapeutic experince, add three cups of Epsom Salt to your bath – Epsom Salts are high in Magnesium which is soaked up into your muscles, which in turn is deeply relaxing and will give your body the message to let go of the stresses you might be holding.


When diffused, essential oils have been found to reduce airborne chemicals, bacteria and metallics in the air as well as help to create greater physical and emotional harmony. Diffusing essential oils in your home releases oxygenating molecules, ant-viral, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, as well as negative ions, which kill bacteria. The Body Celebration Essential Oil Blend is a wonderful blend for diffusing in home or car. I keep a little cotton ball in my car, dip a drop of Body Celebration Essential Oil Blend on the cotton ball and stick it in the vent of my car – it helps to freshen the air and keeps me relaxed and focused while driving.

* These are the benefits of each individual oil in the Body Celebration Essential Oil Blend:

  • Lavendar Oil: The “universal oil” – antiseptic, calming, promotes clarity, soothing, balancing
  • Lemon Oil: Stimulating, energizing, clears mind, strengthening, depression reliever
  • Rosemary Oil: minimizing anxiety, invigorating, reduces mental strain
  • Thyme Oil: Antibacterial, antifungal, Antiseptic, calming, immuno-stimulant
  • Geranium Oil: fungicide, anti-depressant, antibacterial, sedative

Create relaxation at home by introducing some scents into your living space. It is a great way to bring the spa home while you are waiting for your next appointment with us.

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Corinna Kavanagh

Owner, Lic. Esthetician, Cert. Massage Therapist

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