Body Celebration

Body Celebration Holistic Facial Services

At Body Celebration, we offer a totally customized, holistic approach to skin care in a joyful, serene, and restorative atmosphere.

All our facial treatments are naturally curative, powerfully impactful, and catered to your skin’s needs, all while reviving the body and mind so you can deeply relax, recharge, and see visible improvements to your skin.

Our holistic estheticians design custom treatment plans, home care regimens, and lifestyle and nutritional recommendations based on your skin’s unique needs. 

Fresh new skin is yours to keep!

First-Time Facial & Holistic Consultation


90-Minute Treatment


New, Healthier Skin Starts Here

The starting point for all new clients, this 90-minute facial begins with a detailed consultation so we can get to know your skin and your skincare routine. It then moves into a 100-percent customized, powerful, and relaxing facial where we will wrap you in a blissful cocoon of warmth, soothe you with exquisite aromas, massage away facial tension, deeply clean and exfoliate your skin, perform gentle extractions where needed, and nourish your skin with powerful and effective professional serums and customized masks.

In this treatment, we:

  • Determine the best facial treatment for you, based on your intake form and your needs and desires.
  • Discuss the products you currently use at home, and explore the causes of any undesirable symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Look at your lifestyle and diet and make recommendations to help with your skin health.
  • Give you a custom facial—including your neck, and the delicate chest area—designed specifically to address your skin’s needs, using powerful ingredients, such as Vitamins, Enzymes, Peptide and Plant Stem Cells, to gently coax your skin back to vibrant health.
  • Help you discover gentle and effective products to use as part of your home care routine.
  • Craft a custom follow-up treatment plan designed around your needs and goals, if desired.

Skincerely Yours Facial


60-Minute Treatment

Our Custom, Full-Service Treatment for Your Unique Skin

Take the guesswork out of which facial to get. This powerful, luxurious 60-minute treatment deeply addresses the needs of any skin type and condition, including aging skin, lax or lackluster skin, rosacea, acne, dryness, blocked pores, scarring, sun damage, and other skin issues.

This completely custom facial includes your face, neck, and sensitive chest area and employs a combination of holistic products and cutting-edge tools to best address your skin’s unique conditions.

In this treatment, we:

  • Exfoliate your skin using enzymes or light acids and potent Vitamin C to lighten and brighten your complexion.
  • Deep clean your pores with manual extractions or our state-of-the-art ultrasonic-dermabrasion tool.
  • Apply a custom blend of highly effective professional-grade serums and masks, infused with vitamins, peptides, essential oils, and plant stem cells.
  • Seal in the rejuvenating ingredients and stimulate collagen and elastin production with the warm, healing energy of LED Light Therapy, if appropriate.

No matter your skin condition, you will leave with glowing, fresh skin.

Radiant Signature Facial


75-Minute Treatment


A Customized Experience that Integrates Our Most Popular Restorative Treatments

This profoundly renewing 75-minute holistic facial has it all. Customized specifically to address your skin’s needs, it features the treatments included in our Skincerely Yours Facial plus the additions of our most popular healing and rejuvenation techniques.

In this treatment, we:

  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage and smooth muscle tension, fine lines, and wrinkles with a Chinese style Gua Sha massage to rid the tissue of cellular waste.
  • Clean up and shape your brows and remove any unwanted hair near your lips and chin.
  • Conduct a customized exfoliation treatment of enzymes or alpha hydroxy acids and potent Vitamin C to lighten and brighten your complexion.
  • Deep clean your skin with professional extractions.
  • Use a customized suite of high-performance serums and masks with highly concentrated antioxidants, plant stem cells, and firming peptides to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Seal in the rejuvenating ingredients and stimulate collagen and elastin production with the warm, healing energy of LED Light Therapy.
  • Encourage your facial muscles to tone and lift with a Microcurrent treatment, which refuels your skin cells, counteract signs of aging naturally, and enhances your body’s ability to heal.

You’ll look and feel years younger!