Body Celebration

Aftercare Instructions

Important things to know after your treatments at Body Celebration – Holistic Skincare & Wellness:

After a facial:

Your skin might be a bit sensitive; it can feel dry the next day or two. Sometimes you might break out or feel a little itchy. All this is a normal reaction to your skin purging and repairing and activated cell turnover.

After a massage:

It is normal to experience sore muscles a day or two after a massage, and if we did some fascia release or cupping, even some bruising is normal.

Stay hydrated, take an Epsom Salt bath to help your muscles relax, and know we worked your muscles deeply, and it can be part of the recovery process.

After a Microcurrent Treatment:

You might experience a headache. Sometimes this happens, but it is nothing to worry about. We worked with your body’s electrical current, and your body might react to the changes with a bit of discomfort to adjust. Drink lots of water and always hydrate before your subsequent Microcurrent treatments.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any concerns or questions.