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Burned by a derm?

Burned by a Derm: Why Estheticians are the Smart Source for Products

The Dreaded Brush-Off

Many people with acne or aesthetic skin concerns such as Rosacea, sun damage, or even scarring have gotten the brush-off from dismissive dermatologists who shuffle them off in a hurry. Or worse, they dash off a prescription for topicals that end up being way too harsh, and never consider the whole picture of a person’s life and skincare regimen.

It’s not that dermatologists don’t care; it’s that they are trained to diagnose and treat skin disease – they are not trained in skincare!

Your face, and your skin, are integral to your confidence, happiness, and health. It goes way deeper than vanity. Your skin is your largest organ, your outer most protective layer that needs care.

Your Face Represents Your Life

We all want to look our best, but more importantly, we want our outer reflection to represent the beauty within each of us. When we meet someone for the first time, or speak to one another, or look into the eyes of those we love the most, we want to feel that our face shines with the light within us.

Your skin is representative of the entire life you live: your stress, sleep, diet, digestion, and lifestyle all factor into its appearance, as well as the products you use.

An esthetician understands this and looks at your skin – and the products you use – within the context of you as an entire person, and not just a set of symptoms. We’ll ask you how you clean your skin, what you eat, and how you sleep.

Estheticians are also passionate about their products, and know exactly how one supports the other and how they will work for you. We have a state license, so we can carry products with highly active ingredients and high concentrations, to affect changes deep within your skin. You cannot get these products over the counter.

It’s an art and a science – don’t just mix and match. You might mix ingredients that will counteract each other, or worse, will create adverse effects. So if your random selections haven’t been working, or you’ve been burned by a derm, come on in for a consultation and we’ll get your skin glowing.

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Corinna Kavanagh

Owner, Lic. Esthetician, Cert. Massage Therapist

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