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Makeup Tips to Hide Breakouts

Breakouts seem to arrive at the worst time; so arm yourself with a few makeup tips to keep those ugly blemishes hidden. Check out this list of tips to conceal blemishes.

Hit the freezer

Grab some ice, put it in a baggie and hold it on your breakout for a few minutes, (especially those painful undergrounders). The cooling sensation will help the swelling go down.

Apply acne treatment

Pick up a small tube of spot treatment, like the Lira ICE Clear Stick we carry, and apply a tiny amount after you’ve iced the spot. This will help diminish the breakout over time. Let the solution dry before moving on to the next step.

Time to conceal

If you want to hide a blemish, applying your normal foundation won’t be enough. You’ll need to apply a concealer. There are all kinds of concealers out there, make sure you use a healthy non-clogging concealer and make up. ( We carry Lycogel breathable camouflage – a SPF 30 as well as health cover up).

Prevent future pimples

Cheap cosmetics can aggravate breakouts. Take care of your skin by purchasing quality makeup and skin care products. At the very least, splurge on a premium foundation and concealer – mineral based is best!. If you need a little help, ask us and we can recommend products and ingredients to look for.

If you have a really nasty, painful breakout, then come see us for a facial. We’ll tailor our skin treatments to meet your specific skin needs. Not only can we treat the blemishes you have now and perform extractions, but with regular visits, you can prevent future breakouts. Call us at and make your appointment today.

Corinna Kavanagh

Corinna Kavanagh

Owner, Lic. Esthetician, Cert. Massage Therapist

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