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My heart has a Mind of it’s own!

I hope you enjoyed your summer!

I just got back from a much-needed get-a-way to beautiful Lake Tahoe. My time out in nature in the fresh air, peace, and quiet gave me time to reflect and reset.

Thank you, Rochelle, for holding down the fort so I could truly let go.

You’ve heard the saying, “Everything happens for a reason” – well, in this case, it’s true.

The events of the last couple of months made it clear that I have not been happy for quite a while. I felt a lot of pressure to do things a certain way and have always heard from the “experts”, “utilize your space”, “make sure your second room brings you income”, “schedule the rooms out 7 days a week”.

When I finally listened to my heart and not the advice of the “experts”, I got very clear, I want a space for me to grow my business, to expand into more of what I want to offer the world, vs. managing another room, another practitioner.

To get to this stage wasn’t easy, I had to work through a lot of doubt and fear to make the jump of doing it on my own. Great news! I truly believe this is the right decision for me.

I am following my heart not fear!

The burden of having to manage another room and another practitioner has lifted and I feel truly happy for the first time in over a year.

I feel the excitement when I come to work, and deep satisfaction when I am in my treatment room with my clients.

I feel my energy freed up to take care of myself – I am falling in love with life again!

I now have a beautiful office set up in the second room so I can…
  •  Take “before” and “after” photos of my clients
  •  Record instructional videos
  •  Record live streams
  •  Take photos of the Body Celebration product line
…so much is possible!

Thank you for reading about my journey as I navigate this wild ride of my humanness and the opportunities I have been blessed to serve the world with.  

To your radiant health,

PS Stay tuned for October’s Newsletter…how to stay radiant as we flow into fall and winter.

NEW! Signature Radiance Facial

A 75-minute facial treatment that takes the guesswork away from you from having to choose the “right” service and add ons. Your job is to show up and relax!

At the beginning of the session, we’ll check in to see how you are doing, how your skin is looking, feeling, etc. As you are relaxing and readying for your customized treatment, I’ll do my review and select from the amazing list of treatments that are best for you at that time.

The treatment will always include your décolletage, facial hair removal, and brow grooming if needed. Then I’ll tune in to see if the Gua Sha and /or facial cupping, Ultrasonic dermabrasion, LED light, Microcurrent – is best for you. One thing is for sure after this customized Signature Radiance Facial, you’ll emerge beautifully radiant, relaxed and pampered.

Book in the month of September and receive your 75-Minute Signature Radiance Facial for only $210
(Regularly $245) SAVE $35!


The Signature Radiance Facial Promotion is good through October 31st – but must be booked in the month of September.*

*Must mention this special when booking!
(Can not be combined with any other offer, special or Gift Certificate)

Remember a couple of months ago when I said changes were coming and that I would tell you when those happen.

I am excited to bring you behind the scenes of the new and improved Body Celebration, services and product offerings.

OPEN Tuesday to Saturday
I am now offering my services five days a week instead of four. By adding another day to my schedule, I add more time between clients, which means no more running late, and a much happier and relaxed practitioner (ME!)

I streamlined my offerings and pricing and changed the way I do my facials. This got my creative juices flowing and the facials are are now so AMAZING!!!!

I added my products online for ordering (still a work in progress – but we are getting there)

I am bringing in a few more fantastic products, in my treatment room as well as in my retail shop.

I added some new offerings to my facial repertoire including:

• Gua Sha – a Chinese scraping massage technique, utilizing a rose quartz tool. (Gua Sha helps to rid the body of cellular waste, activate the Lymph system and smooth out muscles and adhesions)

• Facial cupping for a natural lifting and plumping effect


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Corinna Kavanagh

Owner, Lic. Esthetician, Cert. Massage Therapist

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