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Super-Weird Facials We Promise Not to Give You

Our New Booking System
First off, if you’ve booked online at Body Celebration lately you may have noticed our new booking system. We’re always listening to our clients and trying to improve your experience, so we have a new system in place – bear with us during the transition, and if you need any assistance feel free to call the office. As of March 8, all clients will need to create a new account to book, even if you had one with the old system. Now, on to the weirdness!

The Weirdest Facials Ever

1. Bird Poop
Since the 1600s, actors and geishas in Japan have been slathering their faces in poop ? and you can, too, at a certain spa in New York. Nightingales are fed organic bird seed, then the poop is sanitized by UV lights. Apparently poop contains enzymes that are good for facial skin, but we prefer the enzymes in our Signature Facial.

2. Sheep Placenta

Rumored to be full of nutrients and amino acids, celebrity clients like Victoria Beckham and Harry Styles pay $500-plus for this ?super hydrating and nourishing? facial. Vegans, rest assured; no sheep or other animals are involved in the treatments at Body Celebration.

3. Beer
Said to help keep your skin pH balanced and eliminate acne, the beer facial actually sounds a little tempting. Except we can think of far better uses for a tasty brew, and for acne, look no further than our Acne Clearing Facial.

Ready for a relaxing facial with no weird goop involved?

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Corinna Kavanagh

Corinna Kavanagh

Owner, Lic. Esthetician, Cert. Massage Therapist

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